Head of Engineering

High Traffic / High Availability / Big Data architect,
Java / Go developer,
Cassandra / Kafka specialist

It all started with an Amstrad 6128 when I was 10, then with the various languages of my HP 48G calculator, and the handy and amazing DOS programming. During all those years I never stopped learning, challenging myself, and improve my logical and cartesian mind.

With my first child my road crossed the path of alternative communication techniques. I became fond of human relations and discovered a passion for leading people.

Today I address with passion the challenges that come as well with High Traffic infrastructures, teams organizations and people management.

I am at my best when it comes to lead a team through project building, discuss ideas and find the best solutions. I love to use the best of each team member for an effective work.

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  • Java 25 years, daily used
  • Go used over the last 9 years
  • PHP used for 5 years
  • Javascript lately used
  • C# lately used
  • Python lately used
  • Bash used on a daily basis
  • C/C++ base of my learning


  • Cassandra for 9 years
  • Kafka for 9 years
  • Docker for 10 years
  • Redis for 9 years
  • MongoDB during 3 years
  • MySQL for 20 years

Of course designing and building a project that can support an high traffic and a big volume of data is far more complex than just a list of technologies and languages.

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